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Hollis Barton was a short term "writer for hire" in the employ of Matthew Crouch's Gener8Xion Entertainment, Inc.

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Will the real Hollis Barton please stand up?

In his deposition, treatment writer Barton Green, AKA "Hollis Barton", denied ever having seen or heard of Sylvia Fleener or her work, The Omega Syndrome. He stressed over and over that his first "official" day as a writer for hire at GenerX8ion Entertainment (Matthew's Company) was September 1, 1997. He stated he did not work directly on The Omega Code until early in 1998. He did, however, talk openly in his deposition about the use of Michael Drosnin's book, The Bible Code. If you have read this investigative reporter's wonderful book and seen their movie, you will recognize the passages they took from it. Do you suppose they had Drosnin's permission, or do they just have bad habits?

Disclosure documents he presented included some of his previous work. A "Rabbi" was one element in his previous creations, however it was all about a young man growing up to become a Rabbi. Never mentions any research that character might be involved in. More significant though is that few things he "created" in his tenure as a "writer for hire" ever made it into the movie.

As to the samenesses identified to the court in the CLAIM, Barton Green said he did put some of them in the first draft of the treatment. The finished product was so changed from what he wanted to see done with his ideas, that though he needed the writer credits for his career, he would not even allow his real name to appear in the credits, hence the pen name "Hollis Barton".

He also stated for the record that Matthew Crouch asked him to do more work for them on the sequel (Omega II or Megiddo), but he refused. Seems someone else was always driving the boat, he ended up writing what "they" told him to and he did not like the arrangement. Pretty evasive about who "they" were, but: "Paul Crouch is the one who -- the man with the gold makes the rules. That's my answer."