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Deposition of
Bill W. Fleener

Bill Fleener was deposed over a three day period starting March 20, 2001.

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Bill Fleener testified to encouraging his wife in her writing efforts, to assisting her in her attempts to get the manuscript to movie and book producers, and to joining with her in the decision to "self-publish" The Omega Syndrome.
Following delivery of the printed book, Mr. Fleener testified to setting up a book tour for Sylvia and to accompanying her on this tour. Locations were from Richmond, Virginia to Houston, Texas, with significant stops in Lexington, Kentucky, Bristol and Nashville, Tennessee. Efforts included visits to book stores for book signings, appearances on radio and television for interviews as part of that promotion in the spring of 1998, January to May. This tour lasted five months, at the end of which Sylvia's health required cancellation of further effort in this manner.
Approximately 4,500 books were distributed during this effort. As the business manager for their publishing company, his other testimony cited cost, promotional budget, profit and loss, as well as the markets to which The Omega Syndrome was exposed.
At one point when John Casoria, nephew of Jan and personal attorney for Jan and Paul Crouch was mocking the "lack of success" of the book and stressing how few were distributed, "In the State of California, with 32 million people, you can only testify to less than 50 copies going there, isn't that right?" Mr. Fleener stated for the record "Your client only had to get one".

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