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Deposition of
Stephan Christopher Blinn

Stephan Blinn is the staff writer at Gener8Xion Entertainment (Matthew's company) who would supposedly turn Barton Green's "treatment" into a screenplay for The Omega Code movie.

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Stephen Blinn was deposed April 23, 2001.

He appeared for his deposition, but did not bring the documents which were requested. Mr. Blinn tesified that many of the similarities between The Omega Syndrome and The Omega Code, as alleged in the Complaint, were in the treatment for the work Mr. Blinn alternatively entitled, "The Code", "The Ancient Time Code", or "The Millenium Code" written by Barton Green (a/k/a Hollis Barton) shortly before Mr. Blinn got involved. Barton Green later submitted an edit of this work entitled, for the first time, "The Omega Code". Mr Blinn did not know how or why Barton Green used this new title, or if anyone else involved may have suggested this title.

Mr Blinn testified that his contributions to The Omega Code can be seen by comparing the treatment written by Barton Green, to the final screenplay. Further stating that virtually all of the changes made to the treatment from that point on were made by Stephen Blinn. However, since Mr. Blinn did not bring the original treatment he saw, or the final screenplay he completed (though he had been so requested), this comparison could not be made.

Mr. Blinn confirmed Barton Green's testimony that Paul Crouch appeared to be the individual in ultimate control of the project, and Mr. Crouch presided over several meetings with Jan Crouch at TBN headquarters where main points of the story and the budget for the film were discussed.

Paul, Jan and Matthew Crouch made suggestions for changes to the screenplay. Mr. Blinn testified that he was additionally retained to write the screenplay for the sequel, "The Meggido" (Omega Code II), and is still employed by Gener8Xion Entertainment or 8X, the company owned by Matthew Crouch.