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Deposition of
Deanne Cavaness

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On June 6th, 2001, Deanne Cavaness (a former superintendent for Citywide Restoration, who performed construction services at TBN facilities in Irving, Hendersonville and Atlanta) presented her testimony as having "seen the manuscript of The Omega Syndrome, on more than one occasion, at the Hendersonville facility. In condo number one and in Kelly Whitmore's possession." Kelly complained to her on numerous occasions about Jan's ranting to do something with this project.

Ms. Caveness also corrobrated Kelly Whitmore's assertion that she (Kelly) was Jan's personal assistant and was expected to do any and every thing that Jan Crouch might require, from buying antiques to picking up liquor at the local stores for parties at both Paul and Jan's seperate condos (Jan and Paul never stay together, haven't lived together for years) and stock in the "Green Room".