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Deposition of
Dotty Snow

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Dotty Snow

Dotty Snow presented her testimony in deposition performed on Tuesday, June 4th, 2001. She recounted how long she had known the Crouches, details of her involvement in TBN's move to Hendersonville, and her confidence in TBN's ability to assist in producing a book or movie from Sylvia's book.
She told about taking a copy of the manuscript of The Omega Syndrome to the offices of TBN in Hendersonville, recounting the note she had attached to encourage Jan Crouch's attention. She asserted that she knows she gave it to one of the TBN people, for Jan, but could not remember who.
We later find Jimi Belknap Dodd who also remembers the manuscript and states that she is the one Dotty gave it to, and further, she personally gave it to Jan...