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Deposition of
Kelly Whitmore

Ms. Kelly Whitmore formerly worked for TBN and was specifically a "personal assistant" to Jan Crouch, leaving in April, 1997.

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Kelly Whitmore's deposition followed Jan's. She testified that she was Jan's personal assistant through the transition or move from the Dallas, Texas area to Hendersonville, Tennessee. Her testimony included carrying Sylvia's manuscript around for more than a year at Jan's instruction "As this is our next project, an end-times" movie". Kelly confessed to hating the prospect of working on such a large project, as the manuscript of The Omega Syndrome was near 3" thick. The attorneys skipped over this pretty quickly, and were more interested in when and how Sylvia and Kelly became acquainted, just "how friendly" had they become. What might Sylvia have promised Kelly for her testimony and what might Kelly have given to Sylvia.

Kelly suffered through a day and a half of grilling over just what she gave to Sylvia. The things she testified to were her "day-timer" with addresses and telephone numbers and a record of some credit card numbers issued for her to use for transactions while at TBN, some miscellaneous receipts from some of those transactions, handwritten notes to Kelly from Jan Crouch, etc. Those notes indicated Kelly's true value to Jan.

Ms. Whitmore attached a scorching testimonial to her certification of her deposition, which follows in it;s entirity:

"To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter in response to my deposition held on the 17th and 18th of January, 2001 at the Holiday Inn in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I choose not to change anything in my deposition, but would like to state that during my deposition I was subjected to cruel harassment and badgering by the Attorneys for Trinity Broadcasting Network that was totally uncalled for. I am a third party witness in this case and I volunteered my time to do this deposition. I was appalled that the Trinity Broadcasting Network Attorneys were allowed to conduct a deposition in this manner. Under these conditions I answered the questions at the time to the best of my ability."