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Deposition of writer
Sylvia Fleener

Sylvia was deposed on two occasions.

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SYLVIA FLEENER, author of The Omega Syndrome

In her deposition, Mrs. Fleener testified to the twenty year effort that went into the creation, writing, self-publishing and marketing of her novel, a fictional expression of an end-of-times story. Her dream from the beginning was to see her story on the big screen.
She told of sending her manuscript to several would be book publishers and a dozen movie producers. These efforts included two attempts by Dottie Snow (1995 & 1996) to get TBN and/or it's principals to assist Sylvia with production of a movie from her original story. The subject matter, based loosely on Bible prophecy, global trends in religion, currency markets, politics and advances in technology, would have, in her mind, would seem a logical fit with their ministry's efforts they thought.
A comparison of her book to their movie, speaks for itself. One comment from Mrs. Fleener is that "they took my characters, the beginning, the middle and end of my book." Thirty Eight "non-exhaustive samenesses" are itemized in the complaint. Experts have found more than 100, and have expressed their opinion that this is more than coincidence.
In her second deposition, Mrs. Fleener was grilled about what information and documents she acquired from Kelly Whitmore. What investigation had she conducted, who had she interviewed, and what did she intend to do with the information she had discovered. A few really stupid questions came from John Casoria, Jan & Paul's personal attorney: "Did it ever occur to you to talk to people currently WITH TBN?" Answer: "We tried and have testified to those attempts." And "Did it ever occur to you to bring this action before Christian arbitrators instead of using the secular courts?" Answer "Who do you trust?"
Another subject in the deposition dealt with the credibility of Kelly Whitmore as a witness. "What did Ms. Whitmore tell you were the reasons she left TBN?" Answer: "She told me that one of the reasons, "the straw that broke the camel's back", was when she found her husband, Kent Whitmore, in a very comproming situation, near naked, in the wet bar of Jan's condo with two other scantilly clad women and in the embrace of Jan Crouch, she'd had enough."