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About the Author
of The Omega Syndrome copyright May 20, 1996
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was born in rural Appalachia to a coal miner, Otis Wingo Harmon and his wife, Marie Tucker Harmon, along with seven other children. She credits her creative talent to her father's side of the family, as he played several stringed instruments and provided her first introduction to music. Her great grandmother was the first to introduce violin lessons to this Appalachian region.

An energetic and diverse talent, Sylvia Fleener, an entrepreneur in the business world, has extensive experience in business acquisitions, i.e. oil and gas, real estate, land development, management, promotions and advertising.

Sylvia's writing career began with her first published poem at the young age of eleven. Since then more than thirty of her poems have been published, along with various newspaper articles and newsletters. She has written song lyrics and scripts for music videos. She has written numerous children's stories. Her first song that was recorded and went national was an eulogy to her mother entitled Mama Was A Rose. Her latest is a Gospel song titled Jesus Is Coming, . It was in the top ten for three weeks on the international (European) country music charts. She has worked with many Grand Ole Opry stars and noted entertainers.

Her extensive traveling experiences, her faith, her belief in the human race and deep feelings culminated in the production of her most challenging product to date, her first full-length novel,
The Omega Syndrome. It began with her desire to tell on the big screen, a story she held within. Divine inspiration and guidance established the theme for the novel. Revealed within it's pages is a journey that ties history to current and future events with a plot that weaves from a private home all the way to the White House. Research comparing Bible prophecy to the history of mankind, was begun in the mid 1970's. Using God-given inspiration and knowledge, along with her life's experiences, the first draft of the novel was produced and "poor man copyrighted" in 1986. Pen to paper, it took three more years to complete. God's perfect timing has been foremost in the author's mind as to the publishing of this book. History-making events that are taking place today were only in the creative imagination and inspiration of this author, and amazing even to her is the reality that they are actually being fulfilled today.

Sylvia has an incurable and frequently terminal autoimmune disorder known as CREST variant or "Systemic Scleroderma". The rigors of travel, personal appearances for radio, television, book shows and book signing events caused her to collapse in June of 1998. She continually amazes her physician, Dr. Donna Scudder of Nashville, Tennessee with her tenacity, faith and strength, which she continually attributes to "God has a purpose". They say she lives on borrowed time. She tells them "I live on God's time". Her prayer is she stay in His perfect will as His guest here on earth.

She continues to write. Concentrating on works that delve into the Word of God, sharing with others the insight and inspiration that God reveals to her through His word. A second fictional novel is in the works.

She became an ordained minister of the Lord Jesus Christ in March 1996. For three years she maintained a teen center for troubled youth, freely giving Christian Counseling. She holds a BA from Cornerstone University and was working on her Masters Degree when interrupted by the demands of a copyright infringement lawsuit against Trinity Broadcasting Network.

As a result of her extensive and dedicated service in love to all humanity; and for her work in the arts and humanities she has been awarded commendations as a "Kentucky Colonel" and a "Tennessee Colonel Aide de Camp".

In 1995, Sylvia founded Salt Sulpher Springs Restoration, Inc., a non-profit organization who's goals include the restoration and preservation of historically significant structures in the area of Union, Monroe County, West Virginia. "Building Community and Family" bonds through church, friends and family participation in these projects. The group's first project was the restoration of St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Circa 1830, known formerly and now again as "Chapel of the Salt".

Extensive repairs and reconstruction was required. Her volunteer group worked long hours to see the completion and dedication of this important piece of local history resume it's place in our little community. Formal reopening ceremonies were held there on June 4, 2000.